I have sent this email to land rover head office, Grant and Green head office and directly to you,

I recently bought a new Land Rover Discovery 4. I am a serving soldier in Germany with the Royal Engineers.
I have watched from a distance and admired these cars and quite few others wearing the Land Rover marque and had always said to myself, "one day".

That dream became a reality earlier this year with the purchase of the afore mentioned vehicle.
The journey started with a trip to Grant and Green in Sennelager and a meeting with Mr Nigel Palin.
Firstly can I say this mans approach is first class. At no time was I made to feel like a commodity, his relaxed demeanour, joviality and constant smile never failed to put my wife and I at ease. It was like visiting an old friend. He was attentive, for example, wanting to know how my family was doing but equally chatting about his own as well. I understand about sales targets in a very pressured environment, I understand about sales "patter". At NO time at ANY point did I feel those points enter in to my experience.

"Bravo, Mr Palin you have ensured my return custom!"

The next chapter in my Land Rover experience was the collection of the vehicle from Marshalls in Peterborough. As you can imagine, this had an adverse effect on my ability to sleep, so the night before the appointment turned in to a very long one. The morning duly arrived as it thankfully always has, and I departed for the showroom a quietly excited and happy. I was met by Dean and showed to the waiting area where refreshments were made available. My new car was brought around to the front of the show room and I was talked through every last button in an extremely professional manner by a mature chap whose name completely escapes me. With the minimum of fuss and again as in Germany, I was never rushed or hassled, never made to feel like an inconvenience. Yet again a first class approach. I got the impression that even if I was buying a baseball hat from Marshalls I would be made to feel just as welcome

I am due to retire from the Army in the next two years. The plan to retire involves moving back to the area where I grew up; North Wales. My experience with your colleagues has made sure that even though there are closer dealerships to North Wales, Chester for example, I will make the journey to your showroom when I am due to change my vehicle. Thank you very much. Please pass on my gratitude to your entire staff as I fully understand it is a team effort.

"Bravo, Marshalls you have ensured my return custom"!

From my perspective as a customer and an admirer of your brand for a very long time I have found the journey of owning a new Land Rover to be a thoroughly enjoyable one and one I am sure to repeat soon. That was thanks to your excellent and professional sales teams.

Can I just add one very quick point about the car?
It's brilliant and I LOVE it!!!!!!

"Bravo, Land Rover you have ensured my return custom!"

Thank you

And very best regards

Craig Edwards.

19 June 2015

In the last month I have collected two Evoques from Marshalls of Peterborough. Both times I have been so impressed by the service received by me from Richard and his team I felt I had to write to you.

I felt that nothing was too much trouble and their sole aim was to make me feel as happy as possible.
I cannot recommend them highly enough.
We have now purchased six Evoques from this garage which I think speaks volumes for both the car and the garage.
I look forward to continuing this relationship.

29 January 2014

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you again for the great service and support you have provided us during the purchase and delivery process of our RR Evoque. Everything was exactly delivered and executed as agreed and all went very smooth.

Looking forward to any future corporation. As discussed, if you would be so kind to send us a copy of the original CoC belonging to our vehicle, as we need this when exporting the vehicle.

 Again many thanks and kind regards from a happy customer

28 January 2014

I just wanted to let you know how well the pickup of my new Land Rover went yesterday. When I first saw the car it looked fantastic - perfectly prepared, shiny and clean.
I was given excellent treatment - your staff are friendly and thoughtful. The car is much more complex than my previous car and, although I can't pretend I was fully fluent with all the controls by the end of the explanation, the tour was very well done and allowed me to drive away with confidence.
The whole experience was excellent and went very smoothly indeed. I was even given an extra gift to take away with me which all added to the 'special' occasion.
Please pass on my thanks. I look forward to hopefully repeating this at Marshall's when I change my car in the future!

26 January 2014

This is a rather belated thank you to you and the team in Peterborough for your help when I collected and delivered Mark’s cars before Christmas. Everything seemed to go very smoothly and efficiently – as one might expect from Land Rover!!

7 January 2014

I wish to record my thanks for the professional and attentive manner in which the Sales Team conducted the handover of my new RR Sport on the 2 Jan 14. The presentation of new vehicle along with its familiarisation was handled knowledgeably and thoughtfully by Francis and Dean conducted the paperwork with clear explanations and with a minimum amount of fuss. Finally Dean went out of his way to assist in collecting information on my RR Evoque to assist in the completion of the DVLA V5/55. This was certainly 'above the call of duty' and his extremely helpful action saved me a considerable amount of time.

Both my wife and I were completely satisfied with the exemplary service that Marshalls continue to deliver.

05 January 2014

The car is absolutely superb and is the subject of many admiring comments. Please tell Paul as well that I've now had 4 Norwegian and 2 UK military people who asked me for details of who I bought it from and I've passed on your details.I drafted a letter to you about the superb sales support I had from you but to my shame its still back at work in my out-tray; I do apologise as both you and Paul worked far beyond the standard expected. Thanks again;

3 August 2012 10:40

I would like to convey my sincere Thank You to a member of your team, Jenny Butler. I picked up my new Evoque on 1 March and every step of the way, once my order was made through Paul Bawden, Jenny was there to answer any and all questions, sorting out the paperwork and alleviating any worries of timelines. Thank you very much.

5 March 2012

Just a short note to let you know how pleased we are with the new Evoque that we collected on Mon. Jacque and I were both impressed by the level of service and just how smooth the whole process was. This was due in no small measure to your ability and willingness to keep us informed at every step of the way. Thank you very much.

11 February 2012

Julie and myself would like to extend a big thank you to you and your team for the flawless and efficient manner in which you helped us purchase our new car. We are both smitten with our new Evoque. I only hope that we may have future business together in the years to come.

17 January 2012

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your 1st Class service you have restored my faith. Many Thanks

30 November 2011

Just a quick note to say that the Defender arrived yesterday and we are delighted with our new acquisition. The staff were delightful and thank you for such efficient and courteous service throughout. With very best wishes and thanks

Apri1, 2011

I am now back in Germany and wish to thank you for your kind services in the vehicle change over that you smoothed the way for; we are so lucky to gain the Evoque. Again thank you for your kind services and super support in our lovely Evoque it is a really nice vehicle.


You are an absolute star!!!!! What an awesome offer’ really appreciated!


Thank very much, because you have been doing an excellent work with us. I know that is you job, but I've been contacting other car makers and they did not do a half that you are doing. Well done.

Nov 11, 2010

Excellent, thanks Richard, great service and enormously helpful.


Thanks to you and your team for pulling out all the stops to get me back to Denmark with the new car. Of course, it is tremendous. I am very much enjoying the many refinements over the Disco 3, and particularly the added horsepower of the SDV6 engine ’ it makes the car so much more responsive and nimble.


Thank you and also Richard and Jenny for making this possible. Thank you for kind assistance and help thru the entire process. Everything went just fine including the transport and the local approval . Proper documentation provided by you made it easy to transfer the registration and the car now carries norwegian registration. I drove the car to HAUGESUND last night and it was just a pleasure to make this ride. The trip was not long enough !!!!
01 February 2012

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